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PR is basically your / your brands’ image and positioning in the market. What people think about you, how you can create or update their perception about you or your brand. What do you want and how do you want to portray. Through PR Services, Creatorsadda provides Press Release in the leading and premium news websites and talk about you.
The positioning starts from the search engines and as the next step, goes in the form of meme marketing.

Meme Marketing is one of the most trending ways of digital marketing.
Contents and Messages are delivered in the meme format that people love to read. We through Wynswell, focus on quality meme making and proper meme positioning for maximum output of your brands image.
Creatorsadda has a meme page network of more than 1.2 crores followers.


PR Services are...

Media Relations

Being an International subsidiary company of Newton Consulting Group Inc. New York, Our PR Agency division is acclaimed as one of the most reputed marketing public relations company in Delhi NCR. Media Relations is the most credible and a sustainable way of building your brand’s image by disseminating information that matters to your existing consumers and customers, potential clientele as well as other individuals and entities of importance for your business growth.

We use different media platforms to promote our client’s business and brand story in an engaging and effective manner. We make it a point to engage and build media and public relations connections with the apt news making platforms for our clients, with a strong focus on ensuring that the channels reach the intended audiences.

Corporate Reputation Management

Newton Consulting India’ PR Agency division offers cost effective traditional corporate reputation management services as well as solutions for corporate online reputation management in Delhi; and for this corporate reputation strategy practice we manage businesses and brands across the country.

This accountable PR service is about taking complete ownership of the brand to ensure our client’s business and brands steer and stay clear of treacherous waters / negative news. Online corporate reputation protection and projection plays a crucial role in risk mitigation, giving brands a greater competitive edge over competition. Under CRM, our PR Consultants and related teams help shape the consumer perception of your brand, enhancing your businesses’ financial health and keeping your brand in the good books of customers, investors, vendors, media and other stakeholders.

Thought Leadership Management

With B2B clients there is so much of innovation and knowledge gained which lies in the unknown, as most businesses and companies have not leveraged and used Thought Leadership Management solutions from best PR Agency companies. This knowledge if shared publicly will assist brands create a leadership management position for businesses.

Even in India, we have many examples of strong thought leadership strategy that have helped boost a brand’s credibility and created industry success. If leveraged professionally, we have witnessed how thought leaders are valued for their exceptional industry insights, credibility and expertise; and gain iconic status as they are looked upon as go-to people for advice or guidance.

We at Newton public relations agency division work with leaders and assist them attain a thought leadership position that is built on a strong, trust-based relationship between them, their brands, media fraternity and their brand’s target audience.

Speaking Engagements

Do you want your brand’s spokesperson to be featured in public speaking engagements sharing the podium or space with the movers and shakers of the industry and also explore opportunities via virtual speaking engagements or webinar platforms, then look no further.

Speaking engagement is the first hand and formal method of sharing your expertise as an individual or either busting myths and misinformation about your business, product or services; this kind of speaking engagement opportunities are best PR tools to generate more interest in potential customers and business partners.

We work with industry associations, trade bodies and relevant media channels to identify and find speaking engagement opportunities wherein our clients can get greater recognition and industry exposure. Speaking engagements enable brands to speak from a position of strength and ‘advertise’ themselves at an industry aligned forum which boasts of adding more credibility in comparison to a self-promoted and developed event.

Influencer Mapping & Engagement

In a world where today everyone is influencing one another, why should you be left wanting of using Influencer Marketing for your brand and business? Make your brand reach out with our influencer mapping and engagement services, have engagement and access to different social platforms. We use alignment tools to map and determining the type of influencer best suited for your brand as the right influencers can personify and reflect your brand’s.

As Brands have been increasingly gravitated investments into influencer marketing due to its sheer social media reach power, in order to engage with the brand’s target audience, increase brand awareness and promote conversions; the puzzle is how one extracts the best mile for the buck. The beauty of influencer mapping and engagement marketing is that anyone can be influential for a brand if the outcome is positive but what makes it positive is the approach and hence developing an influencer marketing strategy becomes the starting point of our service.

Content Management

Today, the make all and do all is content and content contextually is King in the era of Google! In order to keep up with this era of digital revolution and stay ahead of the curve and sustain, we need to create search engine optimized original content as well as content, which is so powerful that it assist and help in leveraging your brand and business.

We at Newton’s PR Agency division have an advantage as we come under the aegis of Newton Consulting Group Inc.; an organization which is the world’s first and only business communication consulting firm.

Besides providing content management services for your company, whether you are a established player, emerging brand or a start-up; what we actually do is create, collect, collate, edit and publish content in all forms adaptable to platforms that help identify you in the market as a brand.

Consumer Communications

Communication is not merely a word for engagement but is also a tool that enables creating the first best impression. What effective consumer centric communication does is it allows for brands to forge long-term relations with their target audience, bring in efficacy and better return of investments on advertising spends.

Our PR consultancy services have communication experts that create messaging that aid and enable create opportunities for two-way flow of knowledge.

What we actually do, is build a communication narrative that repositions to tells a story about your old or newly launched services and products to your potential target audience and customers.

Experiential PR / Press Conference

Experiential PR and events create immersive and impactful opportunities to draw attention of your target audience or consumers and delivers the message without diluting the communication or without any distraction.
The focus of any customised virtual PR event or experiential PR on ground activation if planned and executed well by a public relation company; will surely result in creating positive impression when corporates, brands or brand custodians share their desired agenda in such PR events.

We work with brands on ideating, creating and executing experiential PR and brand launch events that can accrew both; brand visibility as well as attain maximum mileage from a ROI perspective.

Crisis Engagement

Public relations agency division of Newton has the experience and expertise to handle corporate communication challenges and over the years PR crisis management is a service that we are getting recognizably known for. With the inherent comms strategy acumen of Newton Consulting India, It is important today for all corporate businesses to have a PR Agency that gives paramount importance to crisis management strategy with a strong impetus towards crisis management planning that is executable in the most seamless manner. Ensuring fast-paced reaction by dissemination of correct information to control the damage caused by any negative information is how Newton PR handles crisis management in public relations.

Our crisis communication plan is actioned the fundamental of act-on-act-now basis and the outcome of the outreach by our media relations team is always a quick launch of effective media outreach to embed responses that controls the possible damages to the client’s reputation. Whether online or offline, Newton's PR agency division ensures our clients are equipped with the right inputs, at the right time to devise apt responses to cater to their corporate reputation and crisis management needs.

Celebrity Management

Celebrity endorsements and the related celebrity endorsement contract management are tricky affairs to handle for clients. At Newton's PR agency division. we use tools to evaluate press credibility that statistically assist our clients to select the right celebrity for their brand endorsement. Clients have understood the value our credibility rating tools bring to the table and hence prefer engaging Newton's public relations agency division over any celebrity management agency or celebrity management companies to manage the entire journey of brand endorsement; right from the selection process, to the negotiations, to the legal aspects and celebrity deliverables as a brand ambassador.

The most important assets in India are Bollywood celebrities, sports celebrities, and social media influencers and the focus of this celebrity management service is to arrange for these celebrities for any press event or brand launch event to make the event larger than life. Newton's public relations agency division offers services to brands and organizations that require the involvement of celebrities to anchor and host events, for entertainment gigs by renowned artist as well as for event acts that add flavor to any serious experiential or virtual event

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